Here we are again.... November 2020

Well, this is my first ever BLOG post. I thought it would be good to do this as we are all locked down again and all probably trying to connect with each other online. And it seems like a good time to start this.

This year has been so crazy, almost surreal some days. Like everyone I had so much booked - workshops, exhibitions and so many plans, trips, holidays and events. It was our first year 'home alone' as our youngest daughter was studying Musical Theatre in London. However, in March she came home to finish her course online so our kitchen and garden became her dance studio. My husband was furloughed for 3 months and we gardened, grew vegetables, walked, cycled, baked and ate lots of cakes, and enjoyed the glorious weather, and of course the wonderful Grayson Perry's Art Club. I thought I would have a burst of creativity with all the spare time but it didn't really happen as I seemed to be really busy. Instead, I would go into my studio and just sit quietly looking back over past work, wondering what to do next and where I was heading. I drew small wild flowers, sketched the seasonal landscapes, tried out some new ideas and just enjoyed just 'being' with nature. The days and weeks flew by and at the time I felt I wasn't doing enough but now I realise I actually learnt so much as I set up a web shop, re-did my website, started selling collage kits, learnt how to make and edit a YouTube video - that was a proud moment and just a different way to be creative. On some days I seemed to focus, and thankfully my mojo returned. I just hope it stays during this Lockdown as there are glimmers of hope on the horizon and I have lots of new plans and new ideas.

This is a collage I made during Lockdown 1 and looking at it now I think sums up the whole experience for me.

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