My work combines my background in Textile Design with my lifelong love of seasonal flowers, wild gardens, birds, the countryside and the seaside. I particularly love depth of colour, pattern and texture, the gentle harmonies and vibrant contrasts in big bunches of seasonal flowers and overgrown summer borders, as well as the timeless beauty of the sea and the uplifting joy of bird song. 


I create mixed media collages on canvas, wooden board and paper, applying paints, sprays, inks and other materials freely with a variety of tools such as rollers, sticks and spatulas then adding layers of hand-decorated paper, threads, stitching and interesting text. 

My main inspiration comes from my garden and my surroundings, holidays by the sea and daily dog walks in the countryside but also from Impressionist and Fauvist painters, Winifred Nicholson, Ivon Hitchins and contemporary collage artists. I take far too many photographs and try to record most of my ideas in sketchbooks.

As well as exhibiting locally I run small workshops in my garage studio on the Hampshire Surrey borders, and take part in Open Studio events and was delighted to be shortlisted for Surrey Artist of the Year 2019.

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